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Automatic Welding Machine  -  Nov 10, 2020
Expiry Date:  Nov 10, 2020

Valid Dates:  20

Purchase Type:  fgdf555

Detailed Description:
Automated Welding Machine is considered the best choice of welders. It has been used by many welders from all over the world. The welders do not need manual assistance in operating this type of machines. This type of welding is done in less time and also requires little maintenance and upkeep. Since it can be easily operated and maintained, it saves time and money of welders. If you are an experienced welder, then you must consider buying one. It will not only increase your efficiency but also save your money and time. Most of the welders are using this type of machine, because it is very easy to operate and easy to maintain. It is easy to control the temperature of the welding process and it is easy to see the welds that are produced by you. You can even choose different colors that will make the weld you have produced more beautiful. You can also select the welding electrodes for your specific needs. Our 5axis special welding machine for hydraulic cylinder,piston rod with eye and end caps.CNC system controls 5-dimensions action. Welding torch of our CNC welding machine can moves longitudinally to complete the whole welding. PLC controls the whole machine operation. Workpiece rotation speed is adjusted by inverter, stepless adjustment, to improve the reliability. We also have Automatic welding Equipment. https://www.haoyuwelding.com/automatic-welding-machine/

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