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Trademen International involved in various businesses for years registered its name in 1998. It has been involved in five different areas of economic activities. Short but a successful history of the organization shows its commitment of higher professional skills towards excellence.
Following are the divisions Trademen International consist of:

International Trading/Export/Import Division.
Company started its operation with the export of seafood to far-eastern countries. Later, we extended our commodity list, included fresh fruits and vegetables, and exported to middle east and Canada as well. Import of world class confectionary items from Malaysia, cosmetic/beauty items from Iran, sport goods from USA, some scientific/medical equipment from China, Korea and Russia, etc. Have been in the process.

Information Technology Division.
This is the era of information technology and no one can be intact from being impressed or stimulated by its dynamic influence. It has affected every walk of life. Trademen International has established this division to utilizes potential for own use and to provide solutions to the industry. We specialize in the web development e-banking, e-commerce, wap and cti. We have a working exposure of more than 8 years in development of customize payment processing gateways.

CNG- Green Fuel Division.
Oil and gas is one of the most attractive avenues of investment in Pakistan. CNG is an emerging industry attracting large investment. Due to indigenous production and an excellent network of distribution of natural gas, Pakistan is well geared to use this resource to its potential in terms of protecting the environment and saving its precious foreign exchange. In view of the above, Trademen International has established a division to further explore the potential of this resource and erect a series of filling stations throughout Pakistan.

Project Planning & Management Division.
This division explores new projects based on the most modern technologies available in the world. We work out the project for our local market on Turkey basis. Name of a few our projects: Controlled atmosphere cold storage, automatic slaughter house, chain of CNG fling stations, mobile water purifications system, mobile manufacturing units.

Marketing Division.
Marketing is the backbone of a company in this era, Trademen International has following marketing departments

Personal Computers & Peripherals
Scientific/Medical Equipment
Industrial Machine/Heavy Equipment

Personal Computers & Peripherals
PCs are the backbone of any business now a days. However, it is hard to find a reliable hardware solution in the market. Since we have the capability and experience, we design and integrate the PCs for our valued corporate clients. These customs PCs are built with only brand components to ensure the utmost performance and reliability. A variety of solutions are available from low cost to high end.

Scientific/Medical Equipment.
We have been marketing world's most efficient and reliable scientific/laboratory and medical equipment. Our aim is to reach to all developed and un-developed areas of the country and striving to equip all the clinics, medical centers and hospitals with the latest technology available in the world to improve standards of medical treatment in the country.

Industrial Machine/Heavy Equipment.
We help the industries, whether small or big to get the latest machinery cutting-edge technology equipment to elevate their standards and production quality to the maximum potential. And backing them up with the leasing and financing products available in the market.

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